Harvesting Home

October 08, 2019

Harvesting Home


Fall has arrived and we’re ready—are you? Hot summer days have faded into cool autumn nights, leaves are beginning to turn and pumpkins are popping up…well, everywhere. As fun and beautiful as the changing seasons can be, it may feel tricky (and pricey) to shift your home décor from one season to the next. But let us assure you that it really doesn’t take much to infuse just the right amount of fall spice into your space. We’ve gathered our favorite tips to make the transition an easy one, so by the time we fall back on Nov. 3rd your home will have fallen right into place.


Color Palette

The key to choosing your fall color palette is introducing accents that compliment your existing color scheme. Traditionally, autumnal colors consist of varying shades of orange, red and brown, but there are plenty of other palettes that will infuse a seasonal feel into your space. If you normally decorate with warm tones, turn to reds, oranges and yellows. And if you decorate with cooler tones, try shades of pinks and purples to shift your space quickly and easily.







Fall is the time for cozy, and nothing says cozy more than layers. Just as sweaters, scarves and jackets keep you feeling snug, layers of textures throughout your home are the ultimate way to infuse that sense of cozy into your décor. Try draping a faux fur over a chair and a plush blanket at the end of the bed to up the cozy-ante. If you have a natural fibre rug, consider layering a comfy rug on top for softness and warmth underfoot. And keep extra throws in a basket nearby, easy for you and guests to grab on a casual night in.



With daylight hours waning, now is the time to increase decorative lighting from room to room.  The soft glow of an extra floor lamp in the living room or table lamp in the entryway add a feeling of warmth and comfort. And don’t forget the candles! Flickering candlelight instantly creates a warm ambiance and sets a relaxing mood. Even better, add a seasonal scent to the mix to delight all the senses.


Natural Accents

Fall brings with it a cornucopia of flora to feast the eyes on, so you need look no further than nature’s bounty to add seasonal style to your home. Place pumpkins in groupings on your front stoop or mantle (or even inside your fireplace!) to liven up your space with a bit of whimsy. Look for unique pumpkin varieties like Fairytale and Heirloom that come in interesting shapes and softer hues.  Fill vases or pitchers with branches of fall foliage and brim fruit bowls with seasonal picks like figs, pomegranates and clementines. Have fun creating little fall vignettes throughout your home—your kitchen island, coffee table and guest bath are the perfect spot for a seasonal ‘moment’.




Decorative pillows and throws are a quick way to add a pop of seasonal color to your space, but the good news is you don’t have to buy season-specific décor to imbue hints of fall into your home. Instead, look to your cupboards and closets for objects and accessories you already have on hand—items in warm hues like ochre, burnt orange and rust are perfect to bring out for the season. Hang your favorite tote, hat or scarf on hooks in your entryway and nestle baskets, bowls and vases on countertops and in shelves throughout the house. Incorporating a pop of seasonal color here and there will instantly warm up your space and ignite a feeling of fall.



Just Remember

The inspiration for transitioning your décor should be to create a feeling of warmth and coziness at home so you can welcome the cooler months with grace and ease. Using items you already have on hand, looking to nature for inspiration, and selecting small decorative additions can make a significant impact without breaking the bank.


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”




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