Marine Layer

June 20, 2019

Marine Layer


June 21st may mark the official start of summer but for those of us in Southern California, it’s been feeling more like winter. While the rest of the country is heating up, we’ve been cooling down, leaving us dreaming of the endless summer for which California is known. So until the clouds break and the sun appears, we’re sharing our favorite ways to weather the gloom—layer by layer—proving that there is always a silver lining.

Get Down

Whether you like to sleep with the A/C blasting or the air breezing through your bedroom windows, you’ll be glad to have something warm to pull over you at bedtime. With half the fill of our all-seasons comforter, our summer weight duvet is the perfect blend of cozy and airy. Pair with one of our 100% Belgian linen duvet covers for the most beautiful bed and best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. We guarantee it.




In addition to being sustainable, hypoallergenic, and highly absorbent, linen is also thermoregulating. The hollow structure of the flax fiber has high air permeability and heat conductivity properties—meaning, it’s a breathable fabric that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Lighten Up

Known for its lightweight versatility, our four-season herringbone throw will quickly become your favorite decorative accent. Available in every color of the rainbow and made from a cotton/acrylic blend as soft as cashmere, you’ll be reaching for this blanket when you want to curl up morning, noon or night. Added bonus—they’re machine washable.



Top This

Every closet needs a piece of cashmere and with multiple ways to wear our favorite topper, it’ll feel like you have more than just one to choose from. Pick a neutral that goes with everything or opt for a vibrant color to make a bold statement. Paired with a tank top and jeans for an effortlessly polished look or worn over a dress for added warmth, you’ll never be short on occasions to top off your look. The perfect packable piece for all of your summer travels.


“Behind the clouds the sun is still shining.”


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