Marseille Olive Oil Soap Cube

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With already 160 years of existence, the Savonnerie Fer à Cheval carries on a recipe passed down to each new generation of master soap-makers. Fer à Cheval's soap factory, firmly rooted in living heritage, is proud to continue to craft a key product in Marseille culture with respect for tradition, attention to detail and a great deal of love. Marseille soap is a natural, effective and healthy alternative for skin care and housekeeping.

  • 100 grams
  • 100% authentic Marseille soap
  • Does not contain any preservatives, dyes, additives, animal fat, or palm oil
  • Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly
  • Laundry care: on difficult stains, lather the soap then scrub the stain before using the washing machine. On delicate textiles, lather the soap with a wet cloth, rub the cloth lightly on the surface before letting it soak and rinse off with fresh water.

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